Gosh! Where do I start.

Many things in-depth. That's because I'm what they call a Renaissance soul or Scanner or Multipotentialite. I'm more of a deep Scanner.

Like to see of sessions empowering creatives to move out of whatever holds them back to success and more. As for work, I'd love to speak to those in government entities and corporate who need help with devising effective digital content plans and creating content.

Know Thyself

Not just one person. But mainly 'artists' who've given up the 'starving artist' mindset and have gone on to shine and earn a good living, while leading others out of the bondage of 'my art is not good enough.'

  • Creative Director and designer of my handcrafted line of bespoke cufflinks and men's accessories. - Owner and Curator of several online boutiques around the world - mixed media artist and surface illustrator

I can't remember

Shift their limiting beliefs about writing to something more positive and doable.

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