I am 29 years old, I have studied humanities in the specific philosophy. Lover of literature, music and writing, in the course of my life I have published some short stories, worked in music as tour driver / roadie and I had a small record label for 3 years. I wrote and published for some music blogs. In the last year I worked as an educator for children in a summer center and as a collaborator / stand for the SiFest OFF (Photography Festival in Savignano sul Rubicone), now I work as a Social Media Manager for a band and in an antique shop.

philosophy, literature, music, technology and art

graphics and comparison of ideas

Never stop being curious and inform yourself about the world.

Thom Yorke and Martin Heidegger for influencing my thinking and opening my horizons.


I concerts, cities and smiles

To capture the moments when you feel yourself.