Petra Zlatevska is a Berlin-based columnist, lecturer and communications professional. A trained lawyer, she is also a die-hard linguist and pursued her passion for languages (particularly her amour for French) through her Bachelor of Arts. Inspired by her family and childhood in multicultural Sydney, Petra travelled the world including working and studying in Lima and Geneva. Since re-locating to Berlin in 2009, she has jettisoned her legal career (without regretting it) and carved out a niche in writing, media and lecturing. She has written for many international publications including Wired UK, and has covered stories ranging from innovation to entrepreneurship and gender issues as well as writing personal essays on her blog. A seasoned public speaker, Petra is also a visiting lecturer at the Freie Universität and Humboldt Universität teaching courses on effective negotiation skills, legal English and inter-cultural communication. She also hosts workshops on these themes for companies and individuals. Petra is a past Burda Media Young Creative scholarship winner.

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