I'm the founder and creative director of Circa 91 Creative which is a company based out of Ballard, Washington. I primarily make lots of video content, but I also write and perform music as often as I can. I'm married to my best friend and in my free time, I enjoy reading while drinking classy whiskeys and exploring abandoned buildings.

Directing, Video Production, Music, and Writing. I also know quite a bit about photography but I know more about the other 4 categories.

Confidently asking for payment that is at the level of production I provide. I sometimes get worried that I'm over asking or that I'm coming off arrogant so I sell myself short.

Good enough is never good enough

I admire Ed Catmull as a creative leader and Christopher Nolan as a director

I'm great at helping people feel comfortable on camera

Tik Tok Influencer

The chorus to "Toxic" by Britney Spears

I'd teach them how to Dougie


Peter hasn't saved anything yet.