Përparim Kabo was born in Tirana on 23-08-1954. He has studied for Philosophy in University of Tirana and has almost 35-years of experience in teaching. During the period of 2004-2005 he has been Senior Counselor near the Office of Prime Minister, Fatos Nano, on issues of education, science, culture, art, religion and minorities. Currently, he is lecturing in “Mediterranean” University in the subject of “Anthropology & Globalism.” He holds the academic title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) since 1993. Actually he is the Decanus of Faculty of Law and Political Science in the Mediterranean University of Albania.

He is the author of four books: “Anthropology without system-the Albanian phenomena amidst psychology and propaganda” (2001). “Authoritarianism in Transition-the Albanian Anthropology through Globalisms”. (2006). “The Sound”-the reason why Prometheus is not yet serene” (2008). “The Epistle-Anthropology of the Soul” (2014).

He is a member of the Board in the National Theater in Tirana and of the group “Friends of Opera.”

Speeches in International Conferences during 2014: “Identity through Theater in a globalized society.” “Anthropological rituals and the historical identities of cities.”

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