Brand thinking and designing for kickass women in business. With over 20 years of experience working with leading international brands, organisations and agencies across the UK, The Netherlands and Asia. Now bringing that big experience to smaller independent businesses with big ambitions.

I love to help brands and businesses look and feel really great through meaningful design and ideas. I enjoy working one to one and in small teams with focus on finding out what you really want to achieve and who you want to connect with. A true believer in human-centred design.

If you have an emerging business or a brand that needs refocus and a refresh and you need help shaping your brand then please get in touch and we'll start from there. penny@thebranddirectoress


Meeting more superb collaborators

Do what you want to do more of

David Attenborough. Saw him live in conversation for 2 hours and he is just the most incredible human speaking about what really matters.


Post Person (early mornings and walking as a job!)