Doutor em Comunicação Social pela PUC-RS/Famecos, dois pós-doutorados, um na PUC-RS e outro na UFSM, em Santa Maria. Almejante a professor, tentando escrever e não morrer de ler editais.

I know a lot about not knowing. Since I went to under and graduate school at the same University, I had the opportunity to take lessons as valid credits in various others courses, so, humbly (and 'Socratically'), I'm well versed in the philosophical side of media studies. This makes me a kind of "ideologylogist": worldviews, pre-determined narratives, the so-called common sense, have been my objects in dealing with learning not exactly how people live, but why. Why in the sense of their objectives, their consciousness of what we call History; why in the sense of 'because life matters', 'because i have a family', 'because I think my work/job/art can contribute to the world".

Finding a job! In a real interview I would have to answer that that is my biggest flaw. I'm terribly organised, but can't stand bureaucracy - which, by the way, is considered by the majority of modern thinkers as the great devouring tumor at the core of our economic and political systems. I need help find a job as a teacher who has a degree in Media Studies but, as ubiquitous as they are nowadays, could teach to myriad courses and types of people.

"Fall down seven times, get up eight".

Living? Probably Neil Gaiman. Not my favourite writer, but one of them, proud of his beginnings as a comic book writer, married to one of the most wonderful people in the world, Amanda Palmer. Now from all time it would have to be Socrates, even if he didn't really existed as some say (though recent findings show proof of his trial). Material things were to be known and used, not hoarded unevenly. The objective of this existence was knowing and thinking and, as Hannah Arendt would put it, to create the new, the only essential product of man. Making her the more chronologically close not-living person I admire.

I think it's learning. I taught myself woodwork, electrical work, plumbing, all in the last six months, and renovated the whole of my house alone. With very little help (there are two-men kinds of jobs).

Never really had a first career to begin with, since the completion of my Doctorate, followed by two post-doctoral internships, never really took me to the stability of being a College Professor. I would perhaps say writing, but I already do it (academically). It's my fibers to teach.

Pain, uncalled for humiliation, abandonment.

I would teach something, actually, very very old. A definition that carries with it the very mark of humanity and shines a light over the inconsistencies of this earthly existence and its dismal inequalities: "Power is the human capacity of acting together". It wouldn't take five minutes, but I could talk about this for an entire semester.

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