I have a background in art , astrology, teaching, healing, and organic gardening. I have been involve in many metaphysical groups, classes and events in Asheville since having moved here from NYC in 1980. Creating community is the operative M.O. in this time of shifting tides and the creative spirit is the thread that weaves that pattern into being. Still grateful to call this wonderful haven of natural beauty my home where that spirit is given many venues to thrive.

This and that.....

Focus on what is, not on what isn't

Mahatma Ghandi He never wavered from his principles and was dedicated to the good of the many, not just the few, while changing the course of history out of a repressive regime towards one of independence and tolerance, love and respect for all spiritual paths.

Instinct, practicality and endurance for the long haul

Skiiing in the Rockies and swimming in Hawaii.

How to optimize their life's path through an analysis of their astrological chart.

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