I am a Bay Area based marketing and user experience designer. I have 5 years total experience working in visual design and 3 years of experience specifically in marketing design. Currently, I’m enrolled in a UX Design bootcamp through Springboard, through which I am working to get my user experience certification (so excited!).

In my free time, I like to watch old Disney movies, karaoke, and play with my labradoodle.

I have five years of experience in visual design, and three years working in marketing/marketing design.

Networking and finding jobs in the UX Industry

When working towards a goal, treat any roadblocks as a design problem and find a creative solution!

I admire my mom because she was the one who introduced me to art/design and encouraged me to follow a creative career path. She was also the first one to show me it was possible to successful in the design field.

I'm a pretty solid karaoke singer!

I don't have a backup career plan, I've been fortunate enough to work in visual design since I graduated college.

Movie trivia and NFL facts

I would teach people how to draw! A lot of people are intimidated by it and all it really takes is practice and observation. Anyone can get good at it!

Nick Young being confused (???)

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