Qualified practitioner, member of the International Association of the Grinberg Method Practitioners ( IAGMP) , practicing this profession since 1999, when I opened the first professional center of the Grinberg Method® practitioners in Turin . I have previously worked as physiotherapist, working for several ASL and in different hospitals in Piedmont and Turin. With the desire to discover and determination not to surrender to get bored, I have always been driven to seek out possibilities that go beyond the narrow limits of the daily routine, and this is the motivation that pushed me to become practitioner, trainer and and in the past teacher of the Grinberg Method for few years. I live in Turin, where I do most of my work and combining the passion for travelling and the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, I regularly taught courses and workshops in various Italian and European cities in three languages: Italian, English, French. Since 2016 I started to work as a Grinberg Method practitioner in Stockholm, bringing this beautiful methodology in Sweden as a pioneer. I have always had a passion for physical activity, for the care and knowledge of the body. Currently I practice the martial art of Jutaijutsu and afro dance, different sports like trekking, climbing and basketball in the past , Tai Chi Chuan and studying reflexology . Every year I continue postgraduate learning of the Grinberg Method with Avi Grinberg - creator of this method - attending international courses in Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland . I attended and completed with Avi Grinberg all five levels of the course Recovery, the physical path to recovery according to the Grinberg Method.

body, perception, attention, relaxation, how to recover from pain, how to use fear as a resourse, how to increase your energy and attention to reach your aims, how to perceive and make people perceive, how to strengthen your will using your body attention, how to make a body work to fix itself

I need to have people who love me and to be in contact with them. It is not necessary every day, but I need to built warm and caring relationships

to put attention on reality not on my belly bottom

people who mantain their will, wishes and dreams also in difficult moments

to make bodies work to recover themselves

I just want to do what I do now :-)

how every single person perceive reality, smells, how to be a perceiving body, how to deal with fear and pain, how to love my love, my family and my friends

to experience fear through the body and to use it to be stronger, clearer, more at ease; to perceive reality from our body and not from our mind

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