Paul Jun is the Head of Content at CreativeMornings. He's a writer, portrait/editorial photographer, and author of Connect the Dots. He's the former Community Manager for the altMBA. His essays have appeared on 99u, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Inc. and more. Profile pic: Bill Wadman.

Creativity, content marketing strategy, community building, writing a book, self-education, writing, reading, learning, sports, making tough decisions, fitness, snowboarding, and asking good questions.

Design and Photoshop

"The most important knowledge is that which guides the way you lead your life." — Seneca

Seth Godin, Maria Popova, Martha Graham, Temple Grandin, Steven Pressfield, Michael Jordan, Joan Didion, Anne Lamott, Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus.


Professional gamer

Where something is, but not the street name.

How to set up a digital commonplace book.
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