I help businesses like yours to communicate. I have been directing corporate videos for major clients in London since 1987. I have made videos for 3 of the world's top 5 brands - Apple, Google and Microsoft - and I made 2 charity videos with (then-Prime-Minister) Tony Blair. I won the Snippies Editor's Choice Award for my video for Intel. Recent clients include Facebook and Amazon. I directed a comedy commercial for car finance company Carloan4U, which more than doubled their internet traffic when it went live.

I am an award-winning director and have just completed my first solo feature film, a psychological thriller called 'The Redeeming'. I have 2 further feature film co-directing credits and several other projects on the boil.

Making films that get your message across.

Finding people and companies that need my skills.

JFDI - just flipping do it

I can find the flaw in any plan in 10 femtoseconds or less.

What backup?

To eat chocolate.

The best way to plan and perform a presentation.

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