Hi guys! I'm a content and social media strategist from sunny San Diego, CA. Feel free to get in touch

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Read Frank Chimero's "The Shape of Design"

Michael Faraday, the ultimate underdog and my favorite scientist

I'm also a Licensed Physician in Mexico. I graduated with Honors from Medical School, totally true.

I don't really believe in titles, they're conceptually restraining. I'm a doctor, designer and content strategist. Oh, and I'm on-track to becoming a computer scientist from Columbia University, starting on Fall 2017. Imagine that!

Beautiful moments

I'd teach them to study a book in stages: 1. Skim through the entire chapter first 2. Then go do something else, like exercise or sleep 3. Come back to the material and read it again, but this time make sense of it with your own words 4. Go do something else 5. Read once more and then explain the contents to someone else 6. Find another source with the same topic and read that. You will be surprised with how much you understand and retain from that exercise.

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