Emily is an eclectic creative who designed her cafe Anecdote to house all her passions -- pastry, poetry, building/making, printmaking, sewing, film, photography, music, and above all else: community. She loves to collaborate and support other people's projects. Are you a chef who wants to host a pop-up? An artist who wants to have an exhibit and out-of-the-box reception? A musician who wants to play live in an intimate setting? A teacher who wants to run a class? a You-Tube-star-to-be who wants a place to film? An event planner looking for a private space? Anecdote can help! Hang out with us or learn more online at anecdotecafe.com

really random things, including how to make and fix a variety "of stuff"

finding freelance teachers who want to pick up creative workshop gigs

getting it done is better than getting it perfect

people with imaginative dreams who actually pursue them

lucid dreaming


...not where I left my keys

the best way to tie your shoes

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