Entrepreneur, Financial Planner, Registered Investment Adviser, Love my hometown #WeLoveATL, #trailrunning, #foodie, #Mexico

Investing and financial planning (my company), Mexico (where my wife is from), North Carolina (where I grew up), Atlanta (where I live and love), science and history (I'm a dork)

Getting fluent in Spanish; Getting in front of more audiences to educate people on low cost investing and the difference between Fee-Only Fiduciary Standard vs Suitability Standard

If you have a Plan B, your Plan A is more likely to fail.

Jesus - He sacrificed himself for us, and calls us to love each other unconditionally

Superfast reflexes

Open a bookstore coffee house, sell the cars, ride a bike. Oh, and this is on a beach in Mexico by the way ;p

A girl I liked all through 3rd and 4th grade rode her bike to my house the day my family moved to another state. We stood in the back of the U-Haul where I had my first kiss.

Things financial: You should work with a Fee-Only Financial Advisor, not a Broker who gets paid by you and the products they sell you - conflicts of interest. You should use low cost index ETFs to invest instead of expensive products that brokers sell you. You should max out your 401ks, IRAs, 403bs to the limits if possible. You should find clarity in your financial life plans.

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