designer / illustrator. likes to play with food.

pen drawing, hand lettering, Japanese manga, video games, The Lord of the Rings

layout, logos, vector icons, adobe after effects, animation

Don't let other people define your identity.

A food blogger, Joy Wilson, also known as Joy The Baker. She found her way in the food media world with her adventurous spirit and unapologetic sense of self — combined with good ol' hard work. People like Joy remind me to take a break from the grind every once in a while and absorb inspiration from the things I love.

I don't know about superpower, but I can throw down a good biscuit.

I'd be a baker, putting my own spin on little batches of carby goodness.

Most lines from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Hayao Miyazaki movies

How to properly make a pot of rice.

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