Paramedic but also Graduate in arts, I kind of stumbled on Finland when going to a language café looking for someone with whom to practice my Spanish and ending up discovering... Finnish. At the same time, I was thinking about giving a new turn to my career so I put both things together and I bought myself a one-way ticket to Helsinki. I have lived there for more than two years and it has been a great time shared with wonderful friends - many of whom I have met around an amazing local CreativeMornings breakfast and talk!

I am good at organizing, prioritizing, synthesizing, team leading, adapting to (almost) any situation, learning quickly, listening carefully, being positive and open-minded.

Perseverance and determination.


Only take with you what is strong enough to withstand you.

My friends, because they are so generous.

The will to live.

Ask one more question.

Where is the nearest best coffee/bakery in town.

How to stand up straight.

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