Noa is... 1. Noa is a co founder (along with another ROI alumni) of the leading Job Search platform in Israel (with over 62,000 likes and monthly reach of 250,000) – Dana and Noa make my career (דנה ונועה תעשו לי קריירה). She built a unique online & off-line community bridging a significant challenge of career management in our generation.

Noa shares her tools for finding a job and advancing careers in the Israeli Job Market in a weekly talk and 1:1 privet counseling (keep track!). Based on her experience helping 1000s of Israelis, and working with 1000s of companies, she shares her insights, tips, and wisdom into a better integrate to the Israeli Job Market.

  1. On her day job, noa is the Community Manager of Colu Start-Up, a digital wallet for managing local economies around the world based on BlockChain technology.

In the past, Noa worked for almost 5 years at The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation as the head of the Education and Digital marketing department, before that she was a director of a social entrepreneur hub, head of social activism department of Hebrew U, high-school teacher, and occasionally a speech writer.

In 2013, Noa graduated from Hebrew University's Revivim honors program, a four year program aimed at developing educators, with a BA and MA in Hebrew literature and Jewish studies. In 2011, Noa spent a summer at Princeton University studying philosophy and enduring human questions.

Befor that Noa was appointed by the World Jewish Agency to be a community emissary (Shelicha) in U.S.A Columbus, Ohio for 2 years.

As a reincarnated nomad, Noa is originally from Haifa, but spent 2 years in the states, 5 years in Jerusalem, 2 years in Tel Aviv, and for now in Pardes Chana Karkur (not as far as it sounds) with her hubby Omer and daughter Yuval (and pet chicken Koritza).

The beach is her all times favorite place to be, and she is also really into poetry, Russian literature, long-distance running, nature hiking, rock climbing, sewing, carpentry but lately mostly known as a really skilled diapers changer :)

Noa hasn't saved anything yet.