I started in editorial, moved to design, and grew into art direction. While that was going on I scribbled in journals, rode a bike...a lot, and planted some plants.

Myself, but I'm learning more every day.

Maintenance on the exterior of my home above the gutters. Probably a lot more, too, but that came to mind first.

Work clean. Sheldon Factor told me to be fastidious with my file management. Had I not followed that advice, I would have floundered long ago.

I can read minds...the mind of one of my former co-workers in particular. We're always emailing each other at EXACTLY the same time. It's truly uncanny.

Lyrics to 60s and 70s songs...wonderful and annoying. I could really use that brain space for other functions.

Muscle isolations. By all means engage in deep breathing! But without the ability to pinpoint the location of your specific ache, focus on the muscle in closest proximity, tense and release it to help alleviate the pain, life will not be as relaxed. Lessons learned in ballet and modern dance from 5-20 years old. Kinda hard to teach in 5 minutes, but now you have the steps...just practice!


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