Since 1977—the time when I was born—I knew I was born to be a graphic designer. Actually no. Here's the real story. Since I could walk, I failed glamorously—multiple times— disappointed myself and others, was confused about why I'm learning what I learned in high school, started listening to Def Leppard, got my bachelors in commerce and rode the train to even more career confusion to finally find part-time introductory schooling in design. And then some more education, and then a bit more. And then…as they say, a light bulb went off and there was light! It was an effortless, and an enjoyable ride doing what my mom thought was playing with markers and sketching, and I made it my career. Fast forward to current day, I look back at my fairly extensive tryst with design and my formal education, and my passion for drawn things including, type and images and people and how they impact our lives—still remains just as fascinating for me. The power of a deep-rooted thought, a need for solving problems and assuming and appreciating the power I wield as a designer, gives me wings to fly higher everyday. I currently work as a senior designer at a century old amazing agency and bring new ideas to the table almost everyday. Almost. If interested here is more of me

Food. Internal combustion engines. Inner peace. Humility. Golden silence. The power of trust. Mutual respect. Design strategy. Brand authenticity. Creative criticism. Delegating. Deadlines. Hard work. Honesty. Sincerity. Cooking together. Feasting. Local farms. What's in your food. Food documentaries. WWII Documentaries. Foreign films.

Accepting the death of a beloved concept and moving on. Understanding why brand authenticity isn't respected as it should be. Why brands think that people are merely customers. Why brands don't believe in what they stand for. Playing the guitar better. Killer illustration. Web coding. Public speaking.

If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.

Dieter Rams, Nicolai Tesla and Steve Jobs for bringing textbook principles and ethics to everyday people and making groundbreaking products that set the standards for the world to follow.

The art of gifting.

A miserable, unsatisfied food truck owner.

Our annual summer family trips and my grandmas farmhouse and her vegetable garden.

The power of introspection and stand by what you believe in.