I am a Professional Musician with a passion for teaching and understanding why we absorb information the way we do. I want to know what makes think the way we do. . not for the joy of analysis, but for the function of applying those concepts to make us all more efficient. . . to easy the path to creativity.

Teaching adults new skills, music, guitars

Finishing projects, sharing creative control, re-gaining my self discipline.

"Sometimes it's time to try to work some new ideas. . . . . . and sometime you've gotta just f*ckin play." This is from one of my professors at Berklee College of Music. At the time it was the perfect way to tell me to just be myself.

My parents. My father has ALS and my mother is his caretaker, still they love each other through and through and embrace every challenge with more joy than I could ever imagine.

As Ben and I discussed the other day, I don't believe in a "Plan B." There are only variations on "Plan A." Flow like water to the next opportunity and everything will run downstream with ease.

To eat.

How to escape a wrist grab. It's fun. . . and hopefully not so useful.

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