Designer / Writer / Letterer / from Sydney, Australia. Studying Graphic Design at CATC Design School.

Studying Graphic Design at CATC in Sydney I'm still a fledgling in my design career; yet I feel ready to take on fresh challenges and immerse myself in new, exciting worlds. Not yet committed to any one distinct style, I love to combine different materials,techniques, and media to create wilful works; works that I hope stand out and electrify.

My brain is drawn to type design, editorial work, book design, and branding. And it’s in these spaces I hope to craft more projects that characterize a mix of cultures and disciplines defying today’s conventions of art, visual language, interaction, media, and identity.

Also, I'm a bad-ass Comic Writer / Letterer.

Comic book creation and self publishing.

Illustration and Web Design.

Be Impeccable With Your Word. Don't Take Anything Personally. Don't Make Assumptions. & Always Do Your Best.

Robert Kirkman and Chip Kidd. Both gentleman continued to strive to do what they do and do it differently. They stand out from the pack and continue to be successful despite the creative risks they take.

Reading Minds. Which often helps in creating better solutions for clients. Cheating, I know.

I was an chef for 4 years, and worked in hospitality for 8.

Particular lines from The Goonies. Important information is pushed out my head for 80's movie references.

Comic Books aren't just for kids, and they're as diverse as any other medium.

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