I'm a do-er, a problem solver, a go-to guy and I’m good at it.

In life and business, I’m always striving to exceed mediocrity and reach as high as I can. I am not one to sit back and watch the wheels go round and round. I want to get in the trenches and get dirty and make some cool stuff along the way. I pride myself on always learning, listening and growing all while having fun along the way.

I got my start as a Graphic Designer with a heavy focus on print design back in 2001 in Minnesota. Shortly after graduation, I headed West to California where I honed my craft as a designer and everything else fell into place. I studied with a 30 photography vet for 3 years, shadowed an entrepreneur and started 3 businesses, was the right hand man for a Design Director/VP in architecture for another 2 years. Eager to apply my new found skills, I started a design studio of my own and put myself to the test.

Living in almost every major city along the west coast, I have been mentored and influenced by many people and have had the opportunity to work among very talented, successful people. From this experience, I have adopted a strong drive, solid work ethic and a wide range of skills and my curiosity of just about everything skyrocketed which is why I am a passionate learner now. I strive to learn and apply something new everyday which has helped me grow stronger in my career and in life.

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