You are an artists and a premium. Charge accordingly! Great work is not only final product and happy clients, it's how you and your work are valued. Hello my fellow creatives. I grew up in a bowling alley in NJ. Attended High School Vo-tech at Morris County for graphic arts and took weekend classes at the Parsons New School in NYC. I also spent almost a year at NSFIA, Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts - that was cool. Eventually graduating at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I was one of the few people skateboarding in Phili that year. A few years later packed up and split for San Diego, California. I wanted to work in the Skateboard industry but found a job at Surfing Magazine. Now I am a surfer and active lifestyle creative director and bone-graffted participant. I make beer, shape surfboards and fins, grow bananas and run a design studio called BXC in Dana Point. I also collect vintage graphic design books. I do a lot of lifestyle branding and write branding strategies for a living. Have you visited my online portfolio? You should do that. Share with me a quick critique, or just say hello.