NESHIKA BELL is the creator of "Breathe. A guide to preparing for what you really want." – a multimedia program that has been praised for “bringing sexy back to spirituality.” A quietly fiery speaker, a writer, a painter, a coach, a self-care maven (and a former brand communications specialist), Neshika is all about YOU feeling lighter, freer and more fulfilled – in heart, body and business…

…which really means she’s all about helping you do what it takes on the inside to create the change you desire on the outside.

She offers weekly encouragement and loving kicks up the ass at, where she’s been told that her words “are like drinking a rainbow.”

She is also one half of Anushka + Neshika, a badass duo dedicated to helping super-busy superwomen make time for simple, soulful self-care.

Ultimately, Neshika’s work is about cultivating a deep devotion to knowing and being all that you are – which, by the way, is only ever light – in all that you do. And whether she’s working one-to-one, one-to-ten, or one-to-one-thousand, she is committed to helping you step up, show up and shine. Her clients call her “a spark that ignites a fire in your mind” with “the ability to translate vision into action and dreams into reality.” Her husband calls her Cheeky. She always calls on kindness first.

If you’re meeting Neshika for the first time in a crowded space, follow the distinct sound of her uninhibited laugh – it often precedes her.

You can find her online @neshikabell, almost everywhere.

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