You can call me Nes - I’m 28 years old, living + working in Düsseldorf for a healthy food concept MaKE. Food + coffee chain WOYTON, as a Social Media Manager. I’m a Content Creator + Corporate Communications. Being determined means that you can’t stop creating, that’s why I additionally work/have fun as an illustrator and foodie — in the same time. :-)

A healthy vegan diet and important nutritions + raw kitchen, coffee, sustainability, adobe photoshop, WordPress and Wix, japanese mangas and animes, art, drawing and creating, yoga, ducks and bees

Sometimes people say ‘I’m faster than life’.

Running my own business as a barista with my third wave specialty coffee truck + also some raw vegan treats.

The moment where I decided to quit everything that went wrong because of halfheartedness, and started a new life - according to real needs and desires. I can honestly say, since then work-life balance turned out awesome.

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