Creativity is my mantra and cinema, drawing and drawin

Story and cinema and the arts. In fact, I teach a variety of film and arts-related classes at colleges and universities in San Diego.

Producing and editing my film projects.

The best piece of advice that I received was when I interviewed indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and he told me “mistakes are gifts if you learn from them.” Words of wisdom from one of giants of independent cinema!

Creativity and thinking outside of the box are my secret superpowers. Hopefully, these skills won’t stay “secret” for long!

I don’t have a backup career. I juggle my art and filmmaking practice with my teaching responsibilities as an adjunct lecturer. Working as an adjunct lecturer enables me to have blocks of time to focus on my creative work as a visual artist, writer, director, producer and photographer with numerous compelling stories and images to share with the world!

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