Natasha Buffo is a former Silicon Valley business analyst turned solo world traveller, snowboarder, and backpacker. Her story of caregiving and grief, sandwiched between indefinite adventures in New Zealand, is a unique combination of two seemingly conflicting worlds. Courses with The Writing Salon, in Berkeley, CA, have extracted her raw and visual words, developing her unique ability to evoke emotion. Currently editing her first book, building her website, and submitting articles and essays to be published, she resides in the remote town of Kirkwood, California.

Grief, caregiving, backpacking, travelling, business analytics, snowboarding, ski resort life, writing

Editing my book, getting it published, and working at a job while becoming a writer that makes me enough money but I don't hate and allows me to live in Kirkwood.

"You can always turn around." - Tina Buffo (my mom)

Saying you're going to do something and actually doing it, or working hard towards it, regardless of service backs.

Noticing when anyone has gotten a haircut, AND quickly finding something that myself and a stranger have in common.

Music promoter

Everything is easy in comparison to what I went through with my mom's illness and passing.

The easiest foods to pack and cook on a backpacking trip. Also works for travelling.

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