My passion has always been to remove the complexity of technology, its jargon and anxiety it can cause and share my love for the digital space - a world that connects us, can nurture us, helps work flow better and lets you be seen.

I bring people and technology together to support internal and external flow. Together, we can uncover alternative pathways that help you navigate through system change - off- and online.

Using systemic sense checking and intervention as well as more traditional project and change management methods, I guide you through complex technical shifts to ensure the user and everyone's needs are always at the forefront.

Digitalising an offline process allows you and/or your team to work more efficiently and get back time to focus on your core work and what you love. This is what excites me more each time - seeing the results my clients reach when together we hold the question: What needs to be in place so you can flow?

Like our ways of operating, technology doesn’t stand still. Yet it can be overwhelming with all the choices we have, be that between platforms, channels, softwares and support communities.

I can connect the dots for you, the connections across all systems and people and provide a map to work from, whatever the size or shift you are ready for. I believe in the interconnectivity of all systems and how they are all affected by each other - they need careful navigation, ensuring the changes are accepted and land in a successful way for all.

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