Hey! Im Nate, a freelance designer from Ewa Beach Hawaii; Currently floating between Perth and Melbourne. I specialise in hospitality branding and identity work, after successfully Founding and running my own food truck operation in Perth out of university. I design BOLD colourful things that would look cool on a Sega Dreamcast. Email me at hey@nate.studio for a chat and lets collaborate!

Regional southern barbecue styles, and where they divide (down to the Highway)

UI design and making lunch decisions.

Do. it. now.

Aaron Draplin. I had to say it. His respect and dedication to prolonging past forms by encouraging other designers to react to trends and focus on good, lasting, and simple design is inspiring. He's also knows how to have fun and reminds us that if we're not having fun designing, we shouldn't be doing it. Also Anthony Bourdain because he is God. like actually God.

My ability to exit a country without anyone realising. its more valuable than you think.

I've successfully built a business from nothing and know that Its something Im capable of doing in any situation or field that I'm passionate in. Without attempting to sound arrogant I just quite honestly have that innate hustle to do so. Academically, I hold a double business degree in marketing & hospitality management and know its always something I can fall back on.

GTA Vice City weapons codes. all of them.

How to properly hold a skateboard.

ANY with Newman.

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