I am a portrait photographer based in New York. I have a BA in Art & Design from The University of Michigan and double minors in Women Studies and American Culture. When I am not taking photos or stuck to my computer editing, you can often find me running after my dog in attempt to snuggle with him or take selfies with him. I also enjoy scrolling through various food blogs for hours searching for new things to cook or drool over (this usually happens at wee hours of the night). I am an identical twin and my sister, Meghal, is also a photographer! I promise, we didn’t plan to have the same profession but it just ended up that way.

photography, posing, styling, and makeup

getting my name out there to attract new clients

less is more

Jasbir Puar because her book, Terrorist Assemblages, is groundbreaking.

making it seem like I'm taller than 5'

art professor

my phone number

french braiding!

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