Naamal focuses on the environment: specifically through education, science, storytelling, equity, and policy. She is the founder of Mayla, which intends to use storytelling, partnerships, and events to celebrate and support the people who protect work nature. She recently completed a doctorate in education and holds several roles at George Washington University, where her work focuses on sustainability and community engagement. In her previous work life, she spent nine years at Conservation International helping people to identify the places and species in most urgent need of conservation. In addition to her doctorate, she has a master’s degree from the Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

environmental issues, community engagement, diversity, inclusion, education (especially for, in and about the environment), conservation biology

My early stage startup, called Mayla: Community for Nature. ( I am looking for stories about people who work to help the planet, for artists to tell these stories in creative ways, and for partners to host writing groups, salons, and other events. I am interested in partnerships to extend the work that Mayla will do globally.

Lately, I am trying to follow advice from an acquaintance - "stop thinking, just start." Other good advice - variations of "live in the moment." I think often about Frederick Douglass's statement that "there is no progress without struggle."

I think a lot. I am drawn to people who dream, but admire people who act with intention and care.

Making connections between unrelated ideas.

I am always shifting, so I don't need a back up. I just keep moving.

Places. People's stories. Random facts.

I'd pause, and together, really look around, to notice the beauty around us and then to teach each other about what we noticed.