I'm a child that has lived quite a few lives. I'm an adult that reflects and thrives from relating to others. How can I help or improve the quality of my purpose ? How can I assist your reality ? Don't ever think you're alone out here. You may simply need someone on your side that receives a charge of energy from witnessing you succeed. What are your hurdles & how can I be of service ? My name is Wayne Cauthen, Founder of Stylin Out Network.

Chicago, Fitness, Recovery, & Personal Training, Personal Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Patent, Copyright, Trademark. Performance & Competition, Dance & Art. Real Estate. Youth Development. Teaching & Curriculum development. Self forgiveness & self image healing, relating others and their perspectives, Friendship, Love, Listening to farfetched concepts, Believing your truth when no one else will.

Finding ambitious minds, Breaking the mold, Growing emotionally, intellectually, & physically, Planning bigger missions, providing more of what we don't have, Facilitating my ginormous visions.

"Be careful what you say. You never know if you may be in the position to unintentionally summon something." - A Soul posing as a cab driver.

Earth - She is the most spectacular organism I've yet to come across.

I'm super sidekick. As much as I am aware I have what it takes to be leader. I'm never afraid to step up and become a leader. With that being said, my true passion comes from finding people with an extraordinary goal and doing whatever I can to make sure they reach that goal in style. I'm a genie. Nomadic in the realm of big dreams always in search for the next hero to support.

To be a stay at home husband. LOL. Support King of the Queen. But if I had to choose, I am working to build my very own media outlet. I'd love to be the new source of trustworthy broadcast network

Living being's feelings.

I'm a genie. What do you want to learn and I'll make it happen. I can also teach anyone how to draw anime characters or a few breakin moves in 5 minutes.

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