I love everything related to CX/UX and really enjoy solving complex problems. I'm the founder of two agencies: Vaughn Creative and Clone38. I'm also a Public Speaker. I love what to do and the people I work with. My family and I are on a mission to make a bigger footprint in the world since our initial step into it.

Health and fitness. I kinda obsess about it. I'm really knowledgeable in nutrition and lifting. But I would never say I'm an expert. There's a ton to know in this field and I'm constantly learning new things. Lead by example is my motto and, if your health is spot on, you can help with the best of ability.

Getting more connected in the Denver communities.

My dad raised with the saying, "If you have a roof over your head, food on the table and five true friends you can count on, you're more blessed than 3/4 of the population."

Being invisible. I'm really good at multi tasking, accomplishing the difficult task and making it seem easy and fluid.

How to become fit and live a healthier lifestyle

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