As a senior strategic marketer, I help B2B companies grow their businesses through strategic integrated marketing communications and PR. I increase market and brand visibility and fine-tune lead generation efforts.

Highly versatile, I have worked for manufacturing, medical device and professional services companies.

Some areas of expertise include: • Dealer/distributor programs • Complex project management • Bridging between sales and marketing • Marketing: social media, websites, e-marketing, brochures and technical documents, videos, advertising, trade shows and special events • Marketing and sales infrastructure, CRM, • Soft manufacturing/operations and process improvement know-how.

Companies that would benefit from my expertise include those that • want to raise the credibility and awareness of their products and services to increase sales • have focused on sales, but have not developed and implemented integrated marketing communications • want to educate and maintain communications with potential and existing customers on an ongoing basis, beyond what their sales force can provide • need help keeping their marketing and PR programs on track or need help with special projects

Marketing and collaborating to get things done. I also know a lot about international travel, historic sites in Minnesota and 18C England.

Be kind and help others. Walk a mile in another person's shoes before you judge. When the negative self-talk starts, re-channel it to the positive. Start acknowledging all that you are grateful for.

Interior designer -- I wish, but not trained to do it.

How to make an omelette.

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