Creative Girl Friday/Mother Hen. Got a great idea? I’ll help you hatch it. Too many eggs in one basket? Let me take care of that for you. Have aspects of your small business that are nagging you? Let me be in charge. I am efficient, loyal and professional. Mother Ghen Personal Assistant and Professional Concierge Services are here to assist you in making sure every detail is complete. With a wide array of services offered, Mother Ghen is sure to make your life a little less complicated.

Life management, Organization, Event Planning, Sponsorships, Connecting People, Building Community, Bringing Joy and Fun to situations, Digging in and working hard. Grit and hustle.

This too shall pass.

My husband Jonathan. He is the most creative, intelligent and skilled person I know. His effortless ability to transcend design is awe inspiring and he is a true trailblazer in his industry. He’s also pretty cute and makes a fantastic life partner and father to our three boys.

Being a Mother Hen.

All the little things- small details, nuances, peoples preferences as well as dislikes. Intuitively able to understand the bigger picture and apply that understanding.

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