Family man. Aggie. '95, '05. Helping companies grow. Creative, design, software at Websites & Whale Mail. I wrote a book about a cow.

Failing in business, but also sometimes winning.

Sales, always sales. Sales and I think I like Star Wars a tad bit too much for a grown man, but I'm not like one of those crazy guys with a Storm Trooper costume in my closet.

Don't go work for a big company. Start something. (Also, the worst advice I've ever received.)

My folks. Two mixed up kids have a kids of their own at 18, raise 'em right, stay married, and really excel at being grandparents.

Systematic desensitization of business problems

What's that?

Major historical events that occurred between 1989 and 2001

How to win or tie at tic-tac-toe.

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