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Doing cool things! I have a lot of neat ideas that need some extra attention.

Never take yourself too seriously... Take your profession seriously because it's what you give yourself to.

David Lynch. I have been a huge fan of Lynch since I was in high school. He never strays from his vision, he finds everything beautiful and is known for his kind patience.

I am funny. Not in the stand-up way but in the way that I often point to the elephant in the room and find a way to make that awkward thing OK for most people.

I loved making coffee. I was a barista for 10 years (both while in school and-on-and off for some years after I graduated).

Beach Boys songs. Not all of them. Just the ones my dad used to sing to me when I was little.

I love packaging design queues - the tiny notches cut out of bagged snacks and the overlapped tabs on the cellophane of gum... I would teach a person about those. It seems trivial, but those things are designed to make people feel competent and that's a really nice thing.

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