Having worked in non-profit for several years through the Joslyn Castle and Omaha Restoration Exchange I finally settled at KANEKO Gallery: An Open Space for Your Mind. I love my job and the creative community of Omaha and I can't wait for us all to grow together and make our city a leading center for artists.

Old buildings in Omaha and gluten free baking.

Being more confident in meetings and sticking to my creative goals.

Not personal advice but a lyric that has gotten me through a many existential crisis. "This is not the end, no this is fine. Still are towers in the valley, still wind down the stream. Still we're in the light of day, with our ghosts within." - The Tallest Man "Dark Bird is Home"

I most admire my boss at KANEKO. He is always so positive, hardworking and excited about everyday here, despite the daily craziness.

I can recite all of "Albuquerque" by Weird Al Yankovich from memory.

I'm obsessed with old houses so I think I could potentially be a good relator but I know that is everyone's backup career so might be a bit hard to get into.

All my Tai Chi forms.

How to draw a unicorn with one line.

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