I’ve been in the education, social and nonprofit sectors for 17 years and specialize in capacity-building for social problem-solving. A freelance writer working for a national think tank that prioritizes local perspectives, I’m always eager to meet creators using their various gifts to improve life in the Midwest for its most vulnerable residents.

Public policy, how networks work, how to evaluate whether or not your social change efforts are working, how to learn from mistakes, education, workforce development, nonprofits, nonprofit finance, grantmaking

Keeping up with all of the innovators in Indy, improving on everything I listed as something I know how to do.

It’s a tie: “Don’t ever ask anyone working with you to do something you aren’t willing to do.” AND “Never assume you know what it takes for someone else to do their job.”

My father (who treats world leaders and there janitor exactly the same) and anyone who has to work harder than I do to have less.

Empathy and eating large quantities of pizza rolls without shame.

Urban planner

Which famous people are from my native West Virginia.

How to interview someone on a live panel.

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