Dog-hugger, appreciator of badassery and graphic designer for Brooklyn Brewery

The digital & offset print process; what prints well & what can only look cool on screen; the merits of Acrobat Pro; combining typefaces; high-end glamour photo retouching, because that's super useful in my job in the beverage industry...

Looking cool on Twitter

Don't be lazy. Teach yourself the skills you need to get your shit done.

Probably a particular coworker here at the Brewery. She's super pragmatic, kind, and insightful in ways that had never occurred to me.

I can literally, actually fly. I haven't figured out how to exactly, but I've known I could since I was a kid.

Studying epidemiology in the jungle

Adobe keyboard shortcuts. Every Pantone color used on a Brooklyn Brewery beer label. Also preflighting. Preflighting for daaaaaays

How to propagate their favorite houseplant from cuttings

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