Hi, I'm Mark and I'm grateful. Living the life in Yarrow with my wife and three daughters. Fondly remembering my previous lives in Honolulu, Vancouver and New Delhi. Enjoying my work as a Creative Director for a non-profit (mbmission.org) after years of contracting to them as a client of my own company (namesake.ca). Dreaming about a thousand stories yet to be told.

The meaning of the universe (just kidding). World travel (forty one countries and counting). Story structure (big fan of Robert McKee). Faith and spirituality (that makes peace, not war).

Slowing down. Being patient. Staying focused.

Embrace the simple. Do a few things, but do them well.

My dad, because he's in his late eighties and he's still cool.

I'm invisible.


Numbers. Like my phone number when I was a kid, or all sixteen digits of my Visa card.

How to make really good crepes.

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