A little about me. Six years ago, I left my super cush corporate marketing job to follow my passion and focus on what I love to do most, strategy and storytelling. Starting a company from scratch has been quite the rollercoaster. One that I love and wouldn’t trade for anything. Even on the worst days.

Now that my first entrepreneurial endeavor is established, it is perfect timing to start another company. Am I right? Ha! Silly woman… But at least this time I have business partners (and investors) that I admire and trust with my life.

Manhattan Project Beer Company, well makes beer. North + Co is focused on strategy development.

Social media and the customer experience. And beer.

I'm looking for freelance graphic designers and illustrators.

Be kind. Even to the people that might not deserve it.

The ability to quickly identify ingredients in a dish (or beer) and then recreate it.

Where do I start?

What people are wearing.

How to draw simple creatures.

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