I began my career as a copywriter in a fancy-shmancy ad agency. I quickly grew bored of only producing copy and made use of my journalism degree by creating long-format content for a number of blogs (that shall not be named) as a ghostwriter. I began to grow bored of that as well (there's a theme here) and started teaching myself how to code. I was then hired on as an SEO specialist & in-house website editor (I don't build code, I just manipulate it). I loved that I got to apply writing, graphic design, branding, UX, SEO, coding and my strange obsession with statistics. I learned my talents shine best in developing strategies and better for me to leave the execution to the other guys. I've since continued to expand upon this pursuit and shifted my focus to real estate professionals. I partnered with my agent, investing, home inspecting sister to create a real estate marketing business launching in 2019.

Reading people.

I've always wanted to be a war journalist.

Faces and random observations.