In the everyday world, I believe our strongest voice is our wardrobe and how we spend our money.

How to create a fabulous functioning wardrobe for your lifestyle and body type and have a ton of fun in the process, even if cleaning out your closet is your worst nightmare.

Staying current and savvy in the world of technology for selling - I am a brick and mortar girl, trying to build a website.

To have relationships with who people really are, not who I wish they were which grew into my work philosophy to simply work with what is, always.

Mr. Ron Green of The Green Ant. He created an amazing business based on not wanting to wear a tie to work and being able to bring his dog. 15 years strong and he has remained true to his values and is generous with his knowledge. Community not competition is one of my favorite things I learned from him.

I am much stronger than I look. And a master last minute packer.

Shadow dancer.

People's wardrobes.

How to look at something in a completely different way. I apply this thought process to clothing often. How I approach and create my wardrobe is how I approach and create my life and I am forever fascinated by how very many different ways the same "scenario" can be played.

Remember my answer to what I need help with? I didn't even know what this meant. Even after I looked it up, I'm like uh I don't have one and where would you even find one?

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