I'm a connector. I love bringing people together, understanding their story and helping them develop relationships that will aide them in reaching their potential. There are many things that I like to do creatively but what brings me absolute joy at the end of the day is people. My goal everyday both in and outside of work is to be the glue that binds together an incredible community of creatives in my hometown. Creating is a part of my every day life, whether it is with illustrating, sewing, playing music or creating a new event. If I can combine connecting people together with creating something then it's been a fantastic day!

people. I absolutely love hearing people's stories and then finding a way to share them that connects to another person they should meet.

remembering to rest.

"Do what you love. Follow that. Be nice to everyone & use people for help. And be the best you can be for them and yourself. It works out after that." -Blake Tyers

I'll say it. My mom. She is full of grace and has a heart for service. She's strong where it counts and honest about her shortcomings. She loves big.

organizing & connecting great people together.

live karaoke band member.

that donuts exist.

how to give a truly great hug.

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