I was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia and moved to Canada in 2003. After leaving 3 years In Edmonton, I Met the love of my life and moved to Calgary and started the new life and the new family. Meanwhile many passions started developing, like my love for Photography and the organization of art events for emerging artists, including myself. In 2016 I organized an art event at the Gerry Thomas Gallery for 10 emerging artists that lived and hide in suburbia. In 2018 I opened an art Gallery called Inti Designs Studio and Gallery in an oil and gas half empty office (that we share with my husband) in Industrial Calgary with the opening of an art exhibition for 5 artists. In 2019 Organized and hosted my 3rd exhibition show again at Inti Studio, showcasing this time 12 emerging Latin American visual artists residing in Calgary. In 2019 I participated at the Exposure Photography Festival in Calgary as an emerging photographer. At this moment me and other Latin American artists are in the midsts of creating the Hispanic Association of Professional Artists.

Inventing recipes with whatever is in the fridge ingredients.

Creating business plans

Get out of the comfort zone (in every aspect of your life.)

Dreamers, Doers, Riskers and Passionate people

cat whisperer

Interior decor

My Dreams (the one I dream while I sleep)

How to create a mexican casserole, Canadian, Bolivian style


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