I’m consistently challenged, and driven by the marriage of design, technology, communications, and public health. As a senior consultant and creative director at John Snow, Inc. (JSI), I have been fortunate to combine my interest and passion for health communication and technology across projects ranging from designing a large-scale social marketing campaign, to producing videos of people living with HIV, to creating materials and tools for consumers. I have worked on projects for AIDS.gov, CDC, HRSA, and local health departments. I also have a small freelance business and have clients at Harvard, MIT, Duke, and various small businesses in Boston, Miami, and beyond. Before coming to JSI in 2007, I was the Communication Manager for the Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention at the Harvard School of Public Health. I have a Masters in Public Health (International Health and Health Communication Concentration) from the University of Hawaii, was a research fellow in Vietnam, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador.

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