I'm here to create (and support) experiences that strengthen connection and inspire bold action.

Brand strategy and design, especially in the consumer brands space. Oh, and music! I've been playing guitar since I was 11 years old.

Diving into the digital world face first. (Is that a good thing?) Let's just say I want to work more with digital marketing strategy, and I am looking for opportunities to do so.

Everything you do has meaning and can be interpreted as intentional so choose wisely! Every pixel. Every conversation. Every decision. Always use intention.

People who are courageously living their most authentic lives in the most epic and purposeful way(s).

Finding ways to connect ideas, disciplines, thoughts, people, etc.

Freelance illustrator, musician, and/or restaurant owner.

I can always easily remember where my to-do list is!

I wouldn't teach you anything, but I'd make sure you know you have my full support!

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