The streets and alleys of Montreal and back roads of southern Quebec. Analog cameras. The meaning of f-stop and ASA. What looks good. What it means to live with an anal retentive attention, some would say obsession, with detail. I use this power for the greater good. How to walk the dog. Sitting still for 45 minutes at 5:30am. Cooking by scent. Light and meaning.

Leaning cinema jargon.

There are a multitude of people, known and not so well known that I admire for a variety of reasons.

I find the good in everyone and every situation, and I never give up on anybody.

I sell pills, potions and lotions oh my!

How to use a camera.

How to stand on one leg. It helps develops strength, grace, quick reflexes and balance. Necessary skills for living as a human in the modern world.